Volume 19, Issue 2, 2017


Teresia Teaiwa: “We Sweat and Cry Salt Water, so We Know that the Ocean is Really in Our Blood.”


Anna Carella and Brooke Ackerly “Ignoring Rights is Wrong: Re-Politicizing Gender Equality and Development With the Rights-Based Approach.”

Hanna L. Muehlenhoff, “Victims, Soldiers, Peacemakers, and Caretakers: The Neoliberal Constitution of Women in the EU’s Security Policy.” 

Scott Weiner, “Objectification as Negotiation: Reexamining the Agency of Targets.” 

Special Section on Co-optation

Sara de Jong and Susanne Kimm, “The Co-optation of Feminisms: A Research Agenda.”

Angelika Striedinger, “How Organizational Research Can Avoid the Pitfalls of a Co-optation Perspective: Analyzing Gender Equality Work in Austrian Universities with Organizational Institutionalism.”

Anna C. Korteweg, “The ‘What’ and ‘Who’ of Co-optation: Gendered Racialized Migrations, Settler Nationa-States, and Postcolonial Difference.”

Suzanne Clisby and Athena-Maria Enderstein, “Caught Between the Orientalist-Occidentalist Polemic: Gender Mainstreaming as Feminist Transformation or Neocolonial Subversion?”


Wendy Harcourt, “Another Hotel Room, Another City, Another Training: Reflections on Co-optation of Feminism by Development.”

Srila Roy, “The Positive Side of Co-Optation? Intersectionality: A Conversation Between Inderpal Grewal and Srila Roy.”

Book Reviews

Alissa R. Ackerman and Rich Furman, eds.  Sex Crimes: Transnational Problems and Global Perspectives, reviewed by Lisa Sharlach.

Linda Martín Alcoff, The Future of Whiteness, reviewed by Wendy H. Bergoffen.

Jane L. Christie, Negotiating Gendered Discourses: Michelle Bachelet and Christina Fernández de Kirchner, reviewed by Pedro G. dos Santos.

Kristen Hogan, The Feminist Bookstore Movement: Lesbian Antiracism and Feminist Accountability, reviewed by Kathleen Liddle.

Anna C. Korteweg and Gokce Yurdakul. The Headscarf Debates: Conflicts of National Belonging, reviewed by Gulay Turkmen-Dervisoglu.

David A. B. Murrag, Real Queer? Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Refugees in the Canadian Refugee Apparatus, reviewed by Edward Ou Jin Lee.

Line Nyhagen and Beatrice Halsaa, Religion, Gender, and Citizenship: Women of Faith, Gender Equality, and Feminism, reviewed by Celia Valiente.

Jyoti Puri, Sexual States: Governance and the Struggle Over the Antisodomy Law in India, reviewed by Rahul Rao.

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