Volume 19, Issue 3, 2017


Sara Hassani, “‘Maniacal Slaves:’ Normative Misogyny and Female Resistors of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Iran”

Afiya Shehrbano Zia, “Performance Anxiety: Women’s Sexed Bodies in Pakistan”

 Sarai B. Aharoni, “Who Needs the Women and Peace Hpothesis? Rethinking Modes of Inquiry on Gender and Conflict Israel/Palestine”

Nimmi Gowrinathan, “The Committed Female Fighter: The Political Identities of Tamil Women in the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam”

Catherine Weiss, “Absent Men: Paid Domestic Work, Sexual Exploitation, and Male Domination in the Family in the USA”

Tricia Gray, “Making Gender Quota Mechanics Work: A Paired Comparison of Brazil and Peru”


Caitlin Ryan, “Oporto! Oporto! Reflections on the Motorcycle as Methadological Tool, and on Having Lunch with ‘The Men’”

Jennifer Philippa Eggert, “On Taking Your Child to the Field”

Anitta Kynsilehto, “One Afternoon in Mytilini”

Annika Björkdahl and Johanna Mannergren Selimovic, “Feeling Silences in a Place of Pain” 

Jenny Hedström, “Fear and Fieldwork in Myanmar”

Lydia Cole, “An Encounter in Fieldwork: Subjectivity and Gendered Violence”

Katharine A. M. Wright and Matthew Hurley, “Navigating Gender, Power, and Perceptions When Researching NATO: A Conversation”

Book Reviews

María Bustelo, Lucy Ferguson and Maxime Forest, eds. The Politics of Feminist Knowledge Transfer: Gender Training and Gender Expertise, reviewed by Wendy Harcourt

William K. Carroll, Expose, Oppose, Propose: Alternative Policy Groups and the Struggle for Global Justice, reviewed by Suzanne Bergeron

Candace Johnson, Maternal Transition: A North–South Politics of Pregnancy and Childbirth, reviewed by Ali Watson

Roshanak Khesti, Modernity’s Ear: Listening to Race and Gender in World Music, reviewed by Naeem Inayatullah

A. Mangai, Acting Up: Gender and Theatre in India, 1979 Onwards, reviewed by Dia Da Costa

Emilia Sanabria, Plastic Bodies: Sex Hormones and Menstrual Suppression in Brazil, reviwed by Rafael de la Dehesa

Rachel Thwaites and Amy Pressland, eds. Being an Early Career Feminist Academic: Global Perspectives, Experiences, and Challenges, reviewed by Rosalie D. Clarke

Angela Willey, Undoing Monogamy: The Politics of Science and the Possibilities of Biology, reviewed by Clare Chambers

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