Special Issue Call for Papers


Expected Publication: Early 2019, Vol. 21 (1)
Guest Editor: Soumita Basu, South Asian University
Deadline for Manuscript Submission: September 30, 2017

 The International Feminist Journal of Politics announces the call for papers for a Special Issue on Feminist Perspectives on Diplomacy, the theme of the pre-conference workshop organized as part of the 2017 (Sixth Annual) IFjP conference held in New Delhi. Submissions are expected to broadly speak to (either or both of) the following two areas of interest: Embodying Diplomacy and The Practice of Diplomacy. The first focuses on the implications of women’s historic absence/growing presence as accredited diplomats for the practice of diplomacy, and the second considers the gendered nature of diplomatic norms and practices. Submissions may address one or more of, but need not be limited to, the following questions:

Embodying Diplomacy

  1. ‘Where are the women’ in diplomacy?
  2. What difference does the increasing participation of women make in the field of diplomacy?
  3. To what extent, and in what ways, has the ‘common sense’ in the study and practice of diplomacy been constituted through the dominance of men in the field? Further, what is the relevance of caste, class, first world, race and sexuality privilege?
  4. How are queer embodiments of diplomacy articulated?

The Practice of Diplomacy

  1. What are the preferred political values in the practice of diplomacy, and how are these sexed/gendered/queered?
  2. In what ways is the feminist challenge to the public-private dichotomy pertinent to understanding diplomatic practices?
  3. How are gender issues represented in the diplomatic sphere?
  4. To what extent is ‘feminist foreign policy’ feminist, if not realized through ‘feminist diplomacy’?

Potential authors are welcome to situate their analysis within the context of bilateral, multilateral and/or ‘polylateral’ diplomacy. Manuscripts that look into feminist challenges of defining diplomats and diplomacy will also be considered.

Please follow the submission guidelines available here http://www.tandfonline.com/action/authorSubmission?journalCode=rfjp20&page=instructions#Manuscriptsubmission. The deadline for submission of manuscripts is September 30, 2017. Shortlisted manuscripts will be sent out for double-blind peer review.

Preliminary enquiries regarding proposed topics etc. should be directed to the guest editor Soumita Basu. Proposals for relevant Conversations pieces and book reviews (please see the weblink above for information on the same) are also welcome.