If you are interested in joining the new editorial team of the International Feminist Journal of Politics as ‘Conversations Editors’ (role description below) please send a one page letter of application saying why you would like to join IFJP’s team, what relevant experiences you have, and what your ideas are for developing the Conversations section. Please also attach a short CV. Email both of these to and  The deadline for applications is 9 February 2018. We aim to choose a team by the end of March 2018.

 Any questions - please email and

Conversations Editor Role

 The Conversations Editors are responsible for developing and overseeing the Conversations section for each issue of the IFJP, which typically includes interviews with scholars and/or practitioners and/or activists; narratives and short stories; photo essays, artistic pieces and poetry; and other “non-traditional” modes of writing. The aim of Conversations is to offer space and opportunity to make strong and innovative theoretical and practical contributions to, or interventions in, feminist debates in relation to global politics, without necessarily using the standard academic form. While each issue will be slightly different, Conversations typically includes 2–3 items that are internally peer-reviewed. The Conversations internal review is characterized by a collaborative process of thoughtful engagement and the provision of feedback that will ensure each piece is original, interesting to IFJP’s audience, and of publishable standard. Conversations Editors work to encourage diversity of content in terms of format, topic, author location and seniority.

Each of the Conversations Editors typically spend 2–4 hours per week on a variety of tasks that include:

  • Reviewing and providing constructive feedback on potential contributions.
  • Convening forums and soliciting submissions around selected topical themes.
  • Editing and copy-editing submissions for Conversations in conjunction with contributors and, where appropriate, special issue editors.
  • Tracking accepted contributions and ensuring timely submission of each issue’s Conversations items.
  • Helping to get out the word about new Conversations items via social media, in collaboration with the Editor of Digital Media.
  • Liaising with IFJP’s co-editors as well as its publisher, Taylor & Francis.
  • Annual reporting to the IFJP board.

The Conversations section has been a site of innovative and provocative conversations within the field and drives readership to any given issue. This IFJP leadership team is interested in continuing this wonderful reputation and in further developing its potential. Please consider our mission below and joining us in the capacity of the Conversations editor(s). This role has been historically filed by a duo. We encourage the team approach, including those who might be interested in leading the journal when the current editorial team’s tenure expires.

IFJP Editorial Team Mission

To continue to cultivate the role of the International Feminist Journal of Politics as the leading global source of cutting edge feminist research on international politics. The editorial leadership team strives to develop a journal whose pages, authors, and readership reflect the full spectrum of scholarly engagement with issues of feminist international politics around the world. We provide a platform for voices from the field that have not found genuinely democratic spaces for expression and engagement. We welcome diversity and difference as sources of strength. Colleagues and students who participate in the Editorial Team and process will enjoy opportunities to learn and contribute. By networking through complementary digital media, we intend to foster wider conversations around the scholarship published in the journal’s pages, and to extend its impact. Finally, we plan to practice editorial leadership in a way that cultivates broad editorial leadership capacity. We hope that members of our Editorial Team will participate richly across roles and that some may propose an editorial team of their own in the future.