Call for Editors

The International Feminist Journal of Politics seeks applications from scholars interested in taking up co-editorship roles on the journal from January 1, 2018. IFjP, which was launched in 1999, publishes original scholarship engaging with topics at the intersections of politics, international relations, and women’s and gender studies. The journal is edited by a team of three main (equal) co-editors, one of whom is responsible for the institutional home base of the journal, three sections editors, and (optionally) associate editors.

The three main co-editors are Laura Sjoberg (University of Florida, USA), Heidi Hudson (University of the Free State, South Africa), and Cynthia Weber (University of Sussex, UK). In addition, separate editorial responsibilities for the Conversations Section are held by Laura McLeod (University of Manchester, UK) and Megan Daigle (Independent Scholar), and for Book Reviews (Kevin Dunn, Hobart & William Smith, USA). The current team has chosen to have Associate Editors – they are Soumita Basu (South Asian University, India), Maya Eichler (Mount Saint Vincent University, Canada), Galia Golan (Hebrew University, Israel), Anne Runyan (University of Cincinnati, USA), Katrina Lee-Koo (Australian National University, Australia), and Caron Gentry (University of St. Andrews, UK). The three main editors are ineligible for reelection. Appointments will be decided by an already-constituted international selection committee composed of the current three co-editors, three Board members, and two external appointments.

While individual applications are welcome, applications to be one of the co-editors will be more successful with full teams of three co-editors. Historically, IFjP has operated with three main editors who are located at different institutions and on different continents. We heavily favor this organization in this bidding cycle as well. Applications for the three main co-editorships are required to have at least one member in/from the Global South. One of the new co-editors will be expected to take over the institutional homebase of the journal, currently housed at the University of Florida, USA, with the aid of a subvention from Taylor and Francis.

Full team applications – not only for the three editor roles but also the three section editor positions (two for Conversations, one for Book Reviews) are also encouraged. The committee is happy to help constitute a full team out of interested parties.

IFjP publishes four issues per year and its international editorial board features leading feminist scholars from around the world. The articles that it publishes focus on a broad range of feminist topics in international studies. The important editorial qualities we seek are a high level of commitment to collaborative journal work and the best standards of peer-reviewed publishing, along with significant achievements in feminist scholarship. We also particularly welcome applications from members of underrepresented or socially marginalized groups.

Application packages should include CVs and a statement outlining what individuals will bring to the editing role, particularly in terms of the journal’s international remit. They should also signal any institutional support, including time allowance for journal work and available university resources, with particular attention paid in this regard to the location of the institutional base of the journal. It should be noted, however, that the availability of resources will not trump considerations of academic excellence and international representation. Any application will need to be able to run the journal with Taylor and Francis’ subvention plus any institutional commitment from the Editors’ institutions. We envision very few scenarios in which this might be a problem, and are happy to provide the journal budget details to potential applicants. Potential applicants should consult about budget issues with the current homebase.

Prospective applicants who wish to have informal discussions with the current co-editors are welcome to contact them via email: Laura Sjoberg (, Cynthia Weber (, and Heidi Hudson (

Applications may be sent at any time, and the final deadline is April 1, 2017. All applications should be submitted electronically to the International Feminist Journal of Politics (