The International Feminist Journal of Politics is looking for a new Book Review Editor to serve for a four-year period, 2018 through 2021. The International Feminist Journal of Politics aims to foster debate and dialogue at the intersection of international and global politics, feminist and queer theory, and gender studies within an expanding global critical community of scholars and activists. Central to that mission is its rich and diverse book review section.

The Book Review Editor is responsible for overseeing the Book Review section for each issue of the IFJP, which typically includes 8-10 book reviews, as well as other bespoke sections. The Review Editor typically spends a few hours a week contacting possible reviewers for books that have been submitted for review, contacting publishers for review copies, and reviewing and editing submitted reviews. The section is usually made up of a combination of several distinct elements: book reviews, review essays, Rethinking the Canon, and Feminist Classics/Many Voices. Book reviews provide brief introductions to, and evaluations of, as broad a range of new publications as space allows. Review essays survey several texts on a single theme, aiming either to explore a recent debate that has generated a range of new publications or to survey the best of the literature covering a more established area of research. ‘Rethinking the Canon’ gives space for an individual to reflect on one text that they feel ought to be essential reading for feminists working on global issues, but which is likely to be marginalized by existing disciplinary boundaries: they are invited to bring the text to our attention and to explain why it is essential reading. ‘Feminist Classics/Many Voices,’ by contrast, includes several short appraisals of a book already widely considered a classic for feminists working on global issues. Reviewers draw on their distinct disciplinary, geographical and personal locations to offer diverse readings of the classic text. We are happy to consider changes to this format.

If you are interested in this role or want to chat about it please contact Marysia Zalewski at

Application for the role is a maximum 500-word statement saying why you would like the role and why you are qualified to do it. The mission of this editorial team is

To continue to cultivate the role of the International Feminist Journal of Politics as the leading global source of cutting edge feminist research on international politics. The editorial leadership team strives to develop a journal whose pages, authors, and readership reflect the full spectrum of scholarly engagement with issues of feminist international politics around the world. We provide a platform for voices from the field that have not found genuinely democratic spaces for expression and engagement. We welcome diversity and difference as sources of strength.

Please send your application to Marysia Zalewski at

  • Deadline for submission of applications 15 September 2017
  • Decision to be made by 30 September 2017 (made by the editors of IFJP)
  • Starting date for the position 1 January 2018 (though will involve a handover period with the current book review editor Kevin Dunn from October 2017)

Marysia Zalewski

on behalf of Brooke Ackerly, Elisabeth Jay Friedman, Meenakshi Golpinath, and Marysia Zalewski your International Feminist Journal of Politics co-editorial team 2018-2021.