The International Feminist Journal of Politics 
The 7th Annual IFjP Conference

April 2-3, 2018


Registration begins in January 2018. Check back here for hotel and travel information.

The University of San Francisco, San Francisco, California
Venue: Fromm Hall

Feminism + Knowledge + Politics

This conference seeks to bring together scholars and practitioners for an interdisciplinary, global exploration of feminist knowledge about politics and the politics of feminist knowledge. We welcome submissions addressing questions such as:

  • What is the impact of feminist politics on knowledge?
  • What is the impact of politics on feminist knowledge?
  • What is the relationship between feminist methodology and knowledge?
  • What use is feminist knowledge in a “post-truth” world?
  • Can feminist knowledge be anything but “race” blind?
  • Is the relationship between queer and feminist theory adversarial or productive?
  • Which methodological, conceptual, and/or theoretical approaches are most fruitful in deepening intersectional analysis that includes but is not limited to feminist perspectives
  • How can feminist scholars and practitioners share knowledge to advance feminist politics?

Proposals are encouraged from/about any continent, field, issue area and methodology.

For the first time, the conference is scheduled to precede the International Studies Association annual convention, in a venue that is less than 30 minutes from the conference site. Limited competitive travel grants will be available.

Conference organization is directed at stimulating provocative feminist exchanges on international political issues and questions and supporting the development of publications. Besides traditional panels, it will include hands-on intensive research workshops and conference-wide plenaries, as well as sessions on the academic publication process.

Traditional Panels consist of 3-5 paper presenters and a chair.

Intensive Research Workshops consist of 3 paper presenters and a chair, but instead of a traditional format, the panelists and pre-registered audience members will be sent the papers to read in advance. At the workshop, participants will spend approximately 30 minutes workshopping each of the papers.

Feminist Critical Conversations Plenaries provide a vibrant opportunity to discuss issues vital to the journal and its target audience. Each panel will be conducted with the entire conference audience.

Publication Sessions include “Writing an article and getting it published” and “Writing a book and getting it published.”

The submission deadline for proposing a paper for a traditional panel (or a pre-constituted panel) or for an intensive research workshop was July 31. Only those proposing workshop papers will be considered for travel funding. Workshop papers must be submitted by February 1. For those who have awarded travel funding, funds will be disbursed upon receipt of the paper.